Who we are

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THE underground

is a Christian non­profit incubator for ministries we call microchurches. We resource missional Christian groups with services so that they may continue to complete the work God has laid before them.


What we do

The Underground Network exists to serve a community of over 200 microchurches in the Tampa Bay area that are responding to God's call to Himself and to others, in many unique ways. We believe that the church is anywhere that worship, community, and mission happens. This is the focus of our ministry - to start those small communities and help ones that already exist. During normal office hours the Hub is the office space for over 25 of our microchurches.

How It works

All of the Tampa Underground facilities are to be used by and for the community. The hub is a centralized space for people to gather, office, and host events. We share this space as a reflection of the kingdom of God. By creating a shared space for microchurches we stand to revolutionize the way these groups work, and in theory, the quality of what they do. By being able to come into a high energy work environment, leaders are encouraged by an unspoken peer accountability and incentive to keep up with their colleagues from other microchurches. We have found that work ethic is something that is cultural. Isolated ministries with one or two staff will find it difficult to generate it alone. Ministries with seemingly very little in common help each other grow and develop. 

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